2024 10th International Conference on Energy Materials and Electrical Engineering(ICEMEE 2024)




卢浩-新疆大学-2.jpg   Prof. Hao Lu, Xinjiang University, China

    BIO: https://dqxy.xju.edu.cn/info/1150/1757.htm

Dr. Hao Lu holds the distinguished positions of professor and doctoral supervisor and was handpicked for the prestigious National Overseas High-Level Talent Program by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC as a recipient of the esteemed Outstanding Young Scientist Fund in Xinjiang. Currently, Dr. Lu serves as the Vice Dean of the School of Intelligent Science and Technology (School of Future Technology) at Xinjiang University, where he plays a pivotal role as Deputy Director of the Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center for Carbon Neutrality in Northwest Energy, Head of the "Energy Carbon Neutrality" Innovation Team under the Double First-Class Initiative at Xinjiang University, and Director of the Technical Committee at the Guangdong Provincial Communication Lightning and Component Engineering Research Center. Dr. Lu's expertise is sought after nationally, as evidenced by his role as an expert reviewer for the National Science and Technology Expert Database, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National Social Science Foundation of China, alongside being a member of the Academic Committee of the School of Electrical Engineering at Xinjiang University. His academic journey commenced with the acquisition of bachelor's and doctoral degrees in energy and power engineering from Wuhan University and Tsinghua University, respectively, in 2009 and 2014. From 2014 to 2018, Dr. Lu served as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Renewable Energy Research Center at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Rolls-Royce Research Center at the University of Nottingham, UK. Subsequently, he held the position of a tenured Associate Professor at the South China University of Technology from 2019 to 2020, where he was selected for the esteemed "Xinghua Scholar" Talent Program. In 2021, he made a full-time commitment to Xinjiang University. Notably, in June 2023, he successfully completed the High-level Talent National Conditions Study Class at the Central Party School (National Academy of Governance) and delivered a compelling speech as a representative of the participants.

Dr. Lu's research is deeply entrenched in the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality strategy, with a long-term commitment to various areas, including new energy generation and energy storage technologies, coal-fired power generation and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies, multiphase flow and heat and mass transfer in energy systems, integrated complementary energy systems, as well as key technologies and pathways for energy carbon neutrality and energy transition. He has published over 180 academic papers in domestic and international journals and conferences, including more than 90 SCI papers, with a cumulative SCI impact factor exceeding 500 and over 2000 citations. Additionally, he published over 30 EI-indexed papers, participated in the application and granting of more than 20 national invention patents, and contributed to the creation of two academic monographs.

杨磊-2.png  Assoc. Prof. Lei Yang, Harbin Institute of Technology, China 

   BIO: https://faculty.hitsz.edu.cn/yanglei 

Dr. Lei Yang, an associate professor and doctoral supervisor, is an integral member of the team led by academician Nanqi. He is recognized as part of the Hundred Talent Program in Shaanxi Province and holds esteemed positions as an overseas high-level talent in Shenzhen, along with being a young scholar within the Yan'ta Youth Scholar Program. Additionally, Dr. Yang serves as the Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory for Advanced Functional Carbon-Based Materials in Shenzhen and assumes the role of Executive Director at the Foreign Academician Workstation under the guidance of Professor Hagfeldt. In his professional capacity, Dr. Yang is entrusted with expert reviewer duties for the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and holds committee membership within the Chinese Society of Energy. He also serves as a young editorial board member for renowned journals such as Chinese Chem. Lett., Int. J. Env. Res. Pub. He., and Curr. Chinese Eng. Sci. Furthermore, he holds memberships with esteemed international organizations, including the International Water Association, the American Materials Research Society, and the American Chemical Society. Dr. Yang's academic journey commenced with a bachelor's degree from Wuhan University, followed by the pursuit of both master's and doctoral degrees at Uppsala University in Sweden, where he was under the mentorship of Professor Anders Hagfeldt, an academician of the European Academy of Sciences, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, a member of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Committee, and President at Uppsala University. Dr. Yang further enriched his academic journey through postdoctoral research at Monash University in Australia. His research endeavors primarily revolve around the foundational theories and pivotal technologies concerning advanced oxidation for pollution control, particularly within the realm of photocatalysis utilizing innovative nanomaterials. His focus aims to tackle emerging environmental challenges, with a specific emphasis on the efficient degradation and elimination of environmental micro-pollutants through the utilization of clean energy sources. Dr. Yang has spearheaded over ten research initiatives, encompassing a spectrum of projects such as the General Program, projects supported by the Funds for International Cooperation and Exchange, and projects supported by the Young Scientists Fund of the NSFC. Noteworthy among these are projects supported by joint ventures within the "Science + Water Conservancy" program in Jiangxi Province, research start-up projects tailored for overseas high-level talents in Shenzhen, two Shenzhen Natural Science Foundation projects, research start-up projects under the Hundred Talent Program in Shaanxi Province, and projects funded by the Natural Science Foundation of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Special Research Plan of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, as well as various commissioned research projects. Dr. Yang has provided mentorship to 2 postdoctoral researchers, guided the research of 3 doctoral candidates, and supervised the academic progress of 17 master's students. Furthermore, his contributions extend beyond the local landscape, as evidenced by his participation in esteemed international projects such as the Australian Research Scholar Fund, the European Union's Seventh Framework International Research Cooperation Program, and initiatives supported by the Swedish Energy Agency Fund.

Dr. Yang's prolific scholarly output comprises over 40 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious SCI core journals, including J. Am. Chem. Soc., Appl. Catal. B: Environ., and Water Res. Impressively, 21 of his papers boast Impact Factors (IF) exceeding 10, with 4 papers garnering high citation counts as per Essential Science Indicators (ESI). Furthermore, 13 of his publications have amassed over a hundred citations, culminating in a remarkable total of 3918 citations. His scholarly impact is underscored by an h-index of 25 and an i10-index of 33, as indexed by Google Scholar. Dr. Yang actively contributes to the academic community as a reviewer for multiple SCI core journals. His innovative research has been recognized with the granting of eight invention patents and three utility model patents, with an additional 16 invention patents filed. His academic prowess has been lauded with numerous honors and awards, including the prestigious title of "Outstanding Worker," the Outstanding Contribution Award for Anti-Epidemic Efforts, an exceptional undergraduate thesis supervisor in the field of environmental sciences across national universities, the National Excellent Self-funded Overseas Student Award, three scholarships bestowed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and the Uppsala University President's Scholarship, amassing a total of 26 distinctions. Dr. Yang's expertise has been sought internationally, leading to invitations for academic visits to esteemed institutions such as the University of Oxford and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).