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Welcome Pro.Zhaohui Sun from Shenyang Jianzhu University,China to be committee menber !


Pro.Zhaohui Sun from Shenyang Jianzhu University,China

Research Area:
Road Engineering

Research experience:
Zhaohui SUN, female, Chinese, was born in August 1968, Doctor of Tongji University, professor of Shenyang Jianzhu University, tutor of graduate student, science and technology expert of Shenyang City,the member of Liaoning Institute of Highway,the technical advisor has been specially invited by the first Co, Ltd. of Highway Engineering Bureau of China.,the member of 4th International Pavement Functional Design Technology Committee.The research and teaching work have long been engaged in the pavement structure and material design. The professor and senior engineer was promoted in September 2007, the construction technology was trained in Germany. The main research directions: ①Road pavement structures and materials ②Bridge deck paving technology ③Road construction and maintenance technology ④Waste resource recycling technology.Obtain some research results.So far, preside over or participate in. more than 20 projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China, various types of scientific and technological research projects of the Ministry of Construction, and that of Liaoning Province Education Department. Two of which were awarded the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Progress Prize. One of which was awarded the first prize of science and technology innovation achievement of China Construction Enterprise Management Association. One item won the first prize in the national education reform excellent teaching theses contest.One national invention patent was awarded by China.One monograph is published. Two teaching materials were compiled.More than 50 professional and academic papers were published in the National Core Journals and International Journals. More than 20 papers were collected by SCI, EI and ISTP. Won the "national education reform outstanding teachers", "Liaoning outstanding young backbone teachers", “Shenyang top talent"、"Shenyang Construction University outstanding teachers" and other honorary titles