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Welcome Prof. Yongjin Zha from CNPC Engineering Technology Research Institute ,China to be committee menber!


Prof. Yongjin Zha from CNPC Engineering Technology Research Institute ,China

Research Area:
Drilling, geothermal and other special drilling

Research experience:

July 1984 graduated from China University of Petroleum (East China) Department of Drilling Engineering, obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree. From 1984 to September 1999, he worked in the Drilling Technology Research Institute of Xinjiang Petroleum Administration as assistant engineer and engineer. In January 1996, he was a senior engineer.1999 to 2006 in Xinjiang Oilfield Exploration and Development Research Institute is responsible for exploration and drilling programs, design and drilling technology research. Since November 2006, he has been engaged in drilling technology research in the Strategic Planning Institute of China National Petroleum Corporation Drilling Engineering Technology Institute and in 2008 served as deputy chief engineer.
The main work engaged is drilling business development planning research and drilling frontier new technology research. He was responsible for the first full-process CCS project in Asia and the integrated design and technical support for CCS underground engineering. He was responsible for the assessment and analysis of key propulsion technologies such as China's oil drilling, underbalanced drilling and well structure optimization, and actively explored high-temperature geothermal drilling Completion Technology. Since 1996 published nearly 20 research papers. Chief editor of the "Drilling Design" monograph, is the oil press 2013 edition of the "Drilling Handbook" technical draftsman and the first chapter chief editor.