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Welcome Prof.Fuchuan Huang from Guangxi University to be comittee menber !


Prof.Fuchuan Huang from Guangxi University ,China

Research Area:
Renewable resource utilization, friction and lubrication and other related technologies.

Research experience:

Prof.Fuchuan Huang have been engaged in the research of utilization of renewable resources, friction and lubrication technology for long-term, and in charge of more than 30 scientific research projects including national spark program. The “Key Technology and Application of Wastewater Reuse and Ultra-low Emission in Papermaking and Fermentation " project of which I was a major participant and principal, was awarded the SSTPA in 2016. A number of research results have been published in top magazines at home and abroad such as 《ACS Applied Material and Interfaces》, 《Composites A》, 《Applied Physics A》, 《Journal of Alloys and Compounds》, 《Industrial Lubrication and Tribology》 and 《Weapon》. I have been honored as “The Advanced Individual in The District” for several times, and more than 200 invention patents of mine have been authorized, more than 10 of them have been transferred. Dozens of invention patents have been put in industrial production, and related products have been widely used in: robots, various engines, automobiles, machinery, energy, metallurgy, military, chemical, agricultural, marine engineering,  environmental protection and other related fields. In 2016, I was awarded the “Experts in Emergency and Investigation of Special Equipment and Quality Safety Accidents in Autonomous Region ". In 2017, I was voted the “First Batch of Experts from the Guangxi Soil Environmental Management Expert Library.